The EGE Biodiesel Difference

Renewable. Cleaner. Homegrown.


  • From Farm to Fuel

    Biodiesel is domestically produced. Biodiesel benefits American farmers, American businesses and the national economy. Job creation, new markets for domestic agricultural products and keeping our energy dollars domestic are just a few of the many economic benefits gained by using biodiesel instead of imported petroleum diesel.

  • Clean Energy

    EGE’s biodiesel also contributes to the environment and your engine life. According to the US EPA, biodiesel reduces life-cycle CO2 emissions by more than 70%, while simultaneously providing better lubricity to engine components.

  • Regional Impact

    We are capable of converting a variety of regionally grown oil seeds and waste oils into ASTM Grade Biodiesel Fuel. This, and the fact that we deliver biodiesel in the same areas we collect the waste oil in, helps us support our local economy by creating oil seed and waste oil demand.

  • Performance Benefits

    • No engine modifications needed
    • Competitive fuel efficiency
    • Similar power and torque to #2 Diesel
    • Improves lubricity and engine life
    • Major reductions in smoke, particulates and odor
    • Cetane number within OEM optimum design range

  • Who is buying biodiesel locally?

    • Farmers
    • Trucking companies
    • Anyone with a diesel engine
    • Fuel distributors
    • Retail stations

  • Manufacturer Approvals

    Audi, Case IH, CAT, Cat Marine, Cummins, Daimler Chrysler, Detroit Diesel Corporation, Deutz, Ford, GM, International, Iveco, Isuzu, John Deere, Kubota, Liebherr, Mack, MAN, Massey Ferguson, Mercedes Benz, New Holland, Peugeot, Renault, Scania, Sisu Diesel, Volkswagon, Volvo Truck Corporation, Members of the DFIEM.